The best part of Almo Nature Alternative pet food production is that it’s the only pet food that certifies its ingredients originally fit for human consumption. The cooking method is as follows: the fresh meat and fish are not pre-cooked but, inserted raw directly into their packaging (bain-marie cooking).

Almo Nature Alternative Cat Atlantic Tuna Pouch 55g

  • 100% pure meat or fish
  • 91%-99.5% fresh meat or fish content
  • Raw Pack cooking method :meat is packed raw and then cooked in its pouch through a high temperature sterillzation process
  • More flavour and perfectly preserved nutrients for a more natural meal
  • Free from chemical additives ,preservatives,palatants or colorants
  • Higher nutritional values
  • Gluten free

*Almo Nature chooses to use as pet food in this recipe,meats and rice that originally came from human food chain


  • The Best Cat Food On The Market
  • Bain-Marie Cooking (Heat + steam in the pouch = soft meats and a nutrient rich broth!)
Nutritional Analysis Value
Crude Protein 21%
Crude Fiber 0.1%
Crude Oils & Fats 1%
Crude Ash 2.8%
Moisture 75.5%
Energy 820 kcal/kg

Almo Nature Alternative Wet Cat Food - Atlantic Tuna (55g)


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