Almo Nature's point of view about cat nutrition Dietary requirements of cats Cats are strict carnivores and their natural preys are mice, small rodents and birds, which have a moisture content of 70-80%. Since this corresponds to most of the fluids required for survival, cats lack the instinct to drink water. The same applies to domestic cats who risk not taking in an adequate quantity of water if they are only fed on dry food. Hence the recommendation to always provide wet food and the essential bowl of water along with dry food. A diet that suits its nature requires ROTATION Almo Nature has found that no diet is really complete if it lacks rotation of all nutritional sources. Cats should be fed daily with 60% (volume) of wet food 40% of dry food rotating all types of white meat, red meat (a source of iron) and fish (rich in fatty acids) to guarantee the intake of all necessary nutrients. Almo Nature Cat Classic Almo Nature Cat is an ideal food for all cats!!! Because it is a "modern" food that is as close as possible to the natural foods of wild cats; Because recipes contain only natural ingredients which guarantee that products will be well tolerated by cats with sensitive digestion systems; Because each tin contains exactly the foods that give the recipe its name which is why it is easy to choose the recipe that best suits the needs and tastes of your cat. For delicious meals that become everyday feasts, by simply alternating the different nutritional sources ! All Adult recipes are composed by 75 % meat or fish, 24% cooking broth, 1% rice.

Almo Nature At A Glance

  • Natural ingredients of a quality fit for human consumption
  • Freshly caught sea fish - no farmed fish
  • Real free-range meat - no hormones and antibiotics used in rearing
  • Processed carefully using purely mechanical means the meat is cooked and cut, entirely without chemical treatment to prevent the loss of nutrients
  • The food is preserved in its own stock so that nutrients and taste are maintained
  • Without additives of any kind, whether chemical preservatives or other additives - especially loved by cats for its simplicity and authenticity
Guaranteed Analysis  
Protein 20 %
Fibre 1 %
Fats 0.5%
Ash 2 %
Moisture 80 %
Energy That Can Be Burned 742 kcal/kg

Almo Nature Cat Canned Food - Atlantic Ocean Tuna (70g)


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