Almo Nature Green Label Raw Pack is a highly palatable complementary pet food for cats. It uses 100% pure human grade ingredients which are packed raw into pouch and steam cooked to preserve all the healthy nutrients. Since cats eat with their nose, the Raw Pack method of cooking makes the food fragrant and irresistible for cats. It is ideal for cats of all ages and perfect for fussy or selective cats. The natural broth from the cooking is also good for cats as they are not instinctive drinkers and need to supplement their water intake.

Key Benefits

  • Steam cooked in pouch to retain all the goodness
  • 75% Fresh Meat
  • Ideal for fussy or selective cats
  • Perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs
Nutritional Analysis  
 Raw proteins 20%
 Raw oils and fats 0.3%
Fibre 0.1%
Ash 2.0%
Moisture 77%

Almo Nature Classic Raw Pack Cat Pouch - Tonggol Tuna Fillet (55g)


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